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Steve Yeager autographed
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Steve Yeager Baseball
Official 1981 World Series Baseball autographed by Los Angeles Dodgers World Champion Steve Yeager
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Goose Gossage autographed
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Goose Gossage Baseball
Official League Baseball autographed by Goose Gossage (New York Yankees star) w/ HOF Inscription
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Tony LaRussa autographed
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Tony LaRussa Baseball
Official League Baseball autographed by Tony LaRussa (St. Louis Cardinals star) w/ 4x MOY inscription
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Fred Hutchinson autographed
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Fred Hutchinson Baseball
Baseball autographed by Fred Hutchinson (Cinncinati Reds star)
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Andruw Jones autographed
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Andruw Jones Baseball
Andruw Jones autograohed Limited Edition 1996 World Series Baseball
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Kevin Millar autographed
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Kevin Millar Baseball
Game Issued 2004 World Series Baseball signed by Kevin Millar
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Michael Cuddyer autographed
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Michael Cuddyer Baseball
Michael Cuddyer Signed Baseball
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